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    Sign up to the Mathaba Briefing

    News From Mathaba.Net - Thu, 08/28/2014 - 15:10

    Join world decision-makers in receiving the Mathaba Briefing so you are informed of what you need to know and not only what the masses are meant to know... more... | PDA

    Forthcoming IPCC Report Calls for Control of Fossil Fuel Consumption

    The Real News Network - Thu, 08/28/2014 - 11:08
    Distinguished climatologist Michael E. Mann discusses the dangers of ignoring the conclusions in the leaked draft of the synthesis report

    The Battle for Justice in Ferguson Runs through the Soul of the Democratic Party

    The Real News Network - Thu, 08/28/2014 - 11:08
    TRNN's Jaisal Noor speaks with Ferguson residents, activists and politicians about the future of the movement sparked by the killing of Michael Brown

    Michael Brown and the Ongoing Struggle to Decriminalize Black Life

    The Real News Network - Thu, 08/28/2014 - 11:08
    Professor john a. powell says we can't understand class issues and the experience of poverty without race, and that the underrepresentation of black people in the U.S. remains a significant problem

    Highlights from this issue

    Dear Esteemed Reader, Pambazuka News Editorial Team takes its annual two-week break today. You will receive the next issue in September 2014. We wish to also inform you that the Pambazuka News website is currently undergoing major changes and will be launched in the very near future. We would appreciate your views on this new look website when it is launched. THE EDITORS

    US, NATO and the destruction of Libya: The Western front of a widening war

    2014-08-13 - claimed that its intervention in Libya was a historic success. But three years later, Libya is in complete chaos. Some 1700 militias have a combined total of 250,000 men under arms. Another external intervention seems necessary to stabilize the country. But the US and NATO must never be involved

    Russia’s investment in Africa: New challenges and prospects

    2014-08-13 -’s presence in Africa remains marginal, largely due to historical reasons. But this could soon change. Several delegations from African states have visited Moscow in recent months and the Russian government appears determined to strengthen ties with Africa

    African non-state ethnic networks: Social capital or social liability?

    2014-08-13 - http://www.Pambazuka.orgExamples of non-state structures and social networks that carry out political and economic tasks in DRC and Nigeria, in the absence of an effective state, suggest a more diverse and inclusive concept of shared power in African societies that goes beyond the simplistic Western conceptions of a rational state with the monopoly of power

    'Failed states' and 'ungoverned spaces': The thinking behind US foreign policy in Africa

    2014-08-13 The US-Africa leaders summit is a public relations exercise in pomp, ceremony and ritual meant to disguise the militarised foreign policy represented by AFRICOM. It is also aimed at countering the Chinese presence on the African continent

    US-Africa Leaders’ Summit – a legacy, business as usual and rhetoric

    2014-08-13 - US-Africa summit will serve the interests of many but ultimately not the African people. The themes of the summit are centred around investment and business which is nothing more than the continued exploitation of Africa for external beneficiaries

    US-Africa Leaders Summit: New rules of engagement?

    2014-08-13 It is quite evident that the much-hyped summit was not about how the US can help Africa, but rather how the US can reconstruct its relations with Africa for its own interests, especially in the light of the growing presence of the BRICS
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