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    Ebola: Recovery of Americans sharpens divisions in global health

    2014-09-11 - to and consequences of the current Ebola outbreak in parts of West and Central Africa have revealed the inequalities between healthcare systems in Africa and those in the western world. Awareness of these fault lines should increase the push toward universal healthcare for African citizens

    The concatenation of the African role in the war of 1914-1918 or World War I

    2014-09-11 - of the centenary of the start of World War I deny Africa’s role in that history. What was the point of Africa's involvement in that war and at what cost to families and communities? European powers stand guilty of using Africans to fight their own wars

    The Ferguson revolt and the struggle for leadership and correct ideas

    2014-09-09 - a correct national solution to social problems with deep economic and political roots -- such as the Ferguson case which exploded as race riots -- requires correctly identifying the germ of the problem and expressing it in the mainstream with correct ideas that are guided by the principle of creating a good and just society. That is the hallmark of good leadership.

    'Organization is the weapon of the oppressed'

    Ferguson, mobilization and organizing the resistance 2014-09-09 - is impossible to fight capitalist exploitation, police violence, the oppression of women, white supremacy, homophobia and other forms of dehumanization outside of collective action and organised structures - organisations and movements. We must organise – not just mobilise

    Nat Nakasa goes home

    2014-09-11 - Nakasa – one of South Africa’s most promising writers – died in New York in 1965. His remains were returned to South Africa on 19 August for reburial on 13 September 2014 near his childhood home in Chesterville, a township outside Durban.


    2014-09-11 The African Centre for Migration & Society, at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, invites applications for an interdisciplinary Master of Arts in Migration & Displacement at the continent’s leading academic institution on migration. Based in the School of Social Sciences, the African Centre for Migration & Society) is an interdisciplinary, internationally engaged and Africa-based centre that shapes global discourse on human mobility and social transformation. Our MA in Migration & Displacement encompasses public health, political science, sociology, urban planning, development studies and other disciplines. ACMS enrols a maximum of 20 students each year and limited tuition scholarships are granted. Please visit - to APPLY ONLINE For more information: or visit - Closing date: 30 September 2014

    The pain of inequality in Africa

    2014-09-09 The ‘Africa rising’ narrative is now widespread. But what actually is happening on the ground? A tiny group of less than 4 percent hogs a large chunk of the income and wealth in the continent’s changing tide of capitalist progress. A transnational capitalist elite is the primary beneficiary of this economic growth

    Africa’s future is lit by the sun

    2014-09-09 Africa’s mega-dams have not delivered the rapid development the World Bank and other foreign sponsors promised. Their benefits are concentrated on extractive industries and the urban middle class, leaving out the majority rural poor. Alternative solutions that do not sacrifice one group of people for the benefit of another are available

    Ghana: Where did we go wrong?

    2014-09-11 Should those who took Ghana to the IMF in 1983 be allowed near economic decision-making in Ghana today? The country that until recently was touted as an example of ‘Africa rising’ is now in dire straits

    Okey Ndibe vs Matthew Hassan Kukah

    2014-09-11 Over the decades, the Nigerian authorities have shown themselves to be unwilling to protect the lives and property of the people. The current crisis of the Islamist group Boko Haram fits in this pattern. No words should be spared to question the government and to demand action

    Africa’s development: Time to abandon theory and confront reality

    A rejoinder to Olu Fasan’s claims 2014-09-11 Globalization cannot help develop Africa, as peddlers of the ‘Africa rising’ myth claim. In reality, globalization is yet another form of colonization - not by nations but by multinationals with the active support and encouragement of their governments. Happily, there are alternative paths to Africa’s true development

    Why Ebola travel bans are misguided

    2014-09-11 It is clear that official African solidarity ends at the doorstep of self-interest. The paranoid policies of countries that have imposed travel bans to the countries hit by the Ebola crisis will, in fact, end up hurting everyone, like a vicious cycle.

    Trade between Russia and Africa below expectation

    2014-09-11 Some experts think that the ongoing crisis between Russia and the West could stimulate Russia's leadership to look for new markets. But it is not clear if Africa could be their choice. In addition, Russia has few manufactured goods that could successfully compete with Western-made products.

    Ethiopia: Desalegn’s distraction?

    2014-09-09 The Ethiopian prime minister’s recent outburst against Eritrea appears to be an attempt to turn the spotlight away from his own government’s crises as it continues to face rising popular discontent against its various policies, crackdowns and interference in socio-religious affairs

    Israel, Gaza, Iraq and imperialism

    The real problem and the people's real interests 2014-09-09 Imperialism and Islamic fundamentalism are locked in combat. Imperialist powers are the source of the problem. Islamism would not have the power it now enjoys in the world without the imperialist system. Both must be opposed

    A life well lived: Tribute to Comrade Vuyisa Qunta

    2014-09-11 Che Guevara might well have had Qunta in mind when he declared that: “I don’t care if I fall, as long as someone else picks up my gun and keeps on shooting”.

    Ameyo Adadevoh: That we may truly remember her

    2014-09-09 One of the saddest things about the Ebola outbreak in parts of Africa is the infection and death of medical personnel courageously responding to this horrific public health emergency. In Nigeria, two women medical professionals died in this way. They should always be remembered and celebrated

    Fare thee well Thomas Deve

    2014-09-11 The death of arts critic, journalist and Pan Africanist Thomas Deve has robbed Zimbabwe of a man of many talents.

    ‘Corruption and Human Rights Law in Africa’: A review

    A coming of age story of the anti-corruption movement 2014-09-11 The new scholarly book discusses three key developments in human rights law that could unlock the blockages currently encountered in attempts to seek adequate redress for corruption: limitations on the concept of state sovereignty, expanded notions of standing of complainants, and rejection of strict rules of causation which dominate national criminal legal systems

    CAMPAIGNER - WEST AFRICA - Francophone

    Closing Date:16 September 2014 Directorate:Global Operations Location:Dakar Type:Permanent Working Hours:35 Salary:€38,197 2014-09-04 - http://careers.amnesty.orgThe mobile revolution. Geopolitical power shifts. A radically altered global economy. The world is changing, and so is the way that people fight for their rights. In order to be effective, Amnesty International’s (AI) International Secretariat needs to change how we work. That’s why we’ve opened a regional office in Dakar. And why we need your research expertise with us on the ground.
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