Paul Kagame: America's Genocidaire in Central Africa

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Precisely like his predecessor, President Obama empowers a pro-western Murder Inc. in Black Africa, a roster that includes the most vicious mass murderers and assassins on the continent. One of them, Rwanda's Paul Kagame, who is culpable in the death of millions in Congo, recently held an election in which he got 93 percent of the vote. But you won't hear any complaints from the White House.

Paul Kagame: America's Genocidaire in Central Africa

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Paul Kagame and Woseri Museveni are the two main architects of the genocide in the eastern Congo.”

One of the United States’ main allies in Black Africa recently declared himself the winner of a farcical presidential election with 93 percent of the vote. But there will be no outcry from Hillary Clinton’s State Department or Barack Obama’s White House, or even much of a fuss from the New York Times, because President Paul Kagame, of Rwanda, serves U.S. interests. You will never hear western governments and media call Kagame by his true name: a dictator and warlord from the minority Tutsi tribe that holds sway over the majority Hutu population through a reign of terror. Instead, western capitalists shower his regime with money and high praise as an example of how Africa should be governed.

Paul Kagame and his mentor and fellow warlord in neighboring Uganda, President Woseri Museveni, were given the green light by the West to kill and steal at will in Central Africa. They are the two main architects of the genocide in the eastern Congo, where some estimate six million people have died since Rwanda and Uganda invaded the region, in the mid-Nineties. The soldiers of these two U.S. henchmen are still there, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, looting precious minerals for sale to multinational corporations under cover of tribal warfare – wars created and nurtured by Kagame and Museveni, themselves, for the sake of power and profit and the favor of the United States and Europe. Kagame and Museveni have more blood on their hands than any combination of men in Africa – which makes them heroes to the West.

Kagame and Museveni have more blood on their hands than any combination of men in Africa.”

Compared to the Congolese genocide, stealing an election in Rwanda is child’s play. The majority of the Hutu population lives in terror of the Tutsi-dominated regime, which is rooted in the guerilla army that invaded Rwanda from its bases in Uganda and set off the genocidal tribal violence that killed hundreds of thousands of Tutsi and Hutus – although the Hutu victims of Paul Kagame’s army must be mourned in silence. It is a crime in Rwanda to even raise the question of mass killings of Hutus during the violence of 1994, as Kagame fought his way to power. Indeed, any criticism of Kagame’s regime is guaranteed to get one branded as a genocidaire – an advocate of genocide – or a proponent of “divisionism,” which means saying anything that might tend to undermine the people’s obedience to Paul Kagame. You might just turn up dead, as did several of the regime’s opponents in the run-up to the sham election. No serious opposition was allowed to compete. The Kagame police state has ways to ensure that almost everyone votes for The Leader. Voters mark their ballots with their fingerprints next to the chosen candidate, so no one’s vote is a secret.

The two African heads of state most despised by the United States, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, and Omar al-Bashir of Sudan, have held elections that were far more fair and credible than Rwanda's Paul Kagame. Presidents Mugabe and Bashir would never arrange for themselves to get 93 percent of the vote, because they would be denounced as vote thieves by the West. But the genocidal dictator and Paul Kagame flaunts his disregard for the democratic processes, and the West loves him for it. He is doing the U.S. and Europe's killing for them, and they are pleased. For Black Agenda Radio, I'm Glen Ford. On the web, go to

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The mainstream media has it backwards

Finally, the truth about Rwanda is starting to come out. The mainstream version of events there has it backwards. This was not an attack on Tutsis by Hutus. It was a coup d'état by Paul Kagame's forces -- already in Rwanda -- and sponsored by the U.S. and it's client, Uganda. By several accounts, the majority of deaths were Hutu. It's kind of difficult to reconcile that with the accepted version in which the Hutus were the victimizers and the Tutsis the victims.

Funny how the media wants Americans to get all upset about Darfur, where there is nothing approaching a genocide, while millions of Hutus, having been driven out of Rwanda and into refugee camps in the Congo, are steadily and silently slaughtered in a true and continuing genocide.

Thanks for this article, BAR.

The MSM ALWAYS gets it backwards...

It's called "propaganda," and we now get it unabashedly, not even with minimal sleight of hand.  Lies damnable lies. If the internet ever does away with net neutrality it will be like living in Russia, as John Pilger has said, paraphrasing, "People who lived behind the Iron Curtain automatically assumed the government and press lies," a wise person would reach the same conclusion here in America.  Thank God for BAR.


Same thing with the Bosnian/Serbian conflict, truth trickels out later, same with the lie about Russia being the aggressor against poor little ol Georgia.


p.s. For instance, how many people knew that BP used PRISON LABOR in some of the states and sites in the Gulf??  Seems Anderson Cooper's 360 ommitted that "small" fact.


One has to be fucking insane to believe the MSM.


The continuous genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1996 was strategically planned because Mobutu, a man who for 30 years had guaranteed unfettered access to the Congolese vast mineral resources for the elite western investors and their governments was becoming hostile. These gernments had put Mobutu  in power at a tender age of 29 when he help them murder Patrice Lumumba! The  same western powers  had to find a replacement for Mobutu, fast. Paul Kagame who obtained a special training for the job at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas is the Mobutu's replacement. Before his new assignment, he was an intelligent officer in the Ugandan army of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Kagame, Museveni and Laurent Kabila were friends while in exile in Tanzania. Apparently, Laurent Kabila was merely used to give an appearance that Mobutu was not being replaced by a non-Congo citizen. Kabila would eventually be killed by his own bodyguard and replaced by the young guy, Joseph Kabila who is related to James Kabarebe, the current the chief of staff of Rwandan army under Paul Kagame. Congo is being ruled using these three characters. This is the strategy that that gave birth to the 1994 Rwandan genocide! The western governments, their elite investors and UN are in full control of what Kagame has been doing in the African Great Lakes region. They are aware of both the genocides and the depopulation of black Africans in the Congo Basin in order to give room for exploitation of the natural resources. Among these looters are people who earn their living running "the for profit' refugee camps like  World Food Programs and foreign NGOs. These people make huge profits from the contracts doled out by United Nations High Commission for Refugees(UNHCR) and UNESCO. One would hope that the so called "human rights" organizations would voice their opinions against this deliberate destruction of human beings in Congo. Well, they do not because their livelihoods depend on such events. That is why the extermination of black Africans in the Congo does not make any news headlines in the western countries. One would also hope that elite African would unite and fight to protect the lives of the citizens under their jurisdictions instead of giving outsiders “plausible deniability” by committing these genocides on behalf of criminals who do not give a damn about the life of a black person. Kagame and his western investors are quick to point out the economic growth Rwanda is enjoying without mentioning the daily human cost associated with that growth. There are about 10 million unarmed Africans killed or rotting in refugee’s camps which are directly related to the stealing of the natural resources of Congo. Kagame’s power, in case he believes he has it, is directly related to killing Africans at the command of foreign investors plundering minerals in Congo. He is their shield!