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BAR Interviews Tim Wise and Colia Clark on the Progressive Radio Network

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tim wise and colia clarkAnti-racist activist and author Tim Wise on Obama and so-called "color-blind" politics, Colia Clark on rising resistance in Haiti, and a musical mix in celebration of the Cuban Revolution.

Click here to listen, about 50 minutes.


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Tim Wise works for the Zionist Jews

Tim Wise has a chip on his shoulder like most Jews so. Just look on the internet and you'll see all sorts of arguments he's had with people where he becomes virulent and starts screaming epithets at people. He was sent to complain about equality for Jews but using black people as the cover. He works for the Zionists.....period. They want to destroy white America, which deserves it, but the Jews need to be able to use not only the guilt from the fake Holocaust but also from African slavery. He's using us people. Wake up.

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