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Sanders Hits a Brick Wall with the Black Vote

by The Real News Network

Bernie Sanders is about to hit a wall. Polls show that the black vote in South Carolina, and across Black America is heavily skewed against him. The fearful lesser-evilism that pervades black politics will doom the Sanders candidacy long before the Democratic convention in July.

Privatization, Charters & High Stakes Tests: Arne Duncan's Legacy

by the Real News Network

Professor Pauline Lipman and educator Jose Luis Vilson discuss the legacy of Arne Duncan and what we know about his successor John B. King

Clinton Calls U.S. Policy in Syria a "Failure"

by The Real News Network

In a rare instance, Black Agenda Report's Glen ford actually agrees with Hillary Clinton that US Syria policy is "a failure." But it's the same strategy the US has pursued in the region the last 3 decades, under Republicans and Democrats alike.

Barack Obama and the Crisis of Capitalism

by the editors

Glen Ford asserts that the crisis of capitalism in Black America is in large part connected to the election of Barack Obama, the nation's first Black president. Ford exposes Obama's lies and the overwhelming silence of the Black political left.

Glen Ford: Solidarity 2009

by the editors

Glen Ford discusses the conflict between the tendencies of Black elevation (Black faces in high places) and self determination in the Black community. He describes how many Black leftists could simultaneously be revolutionaries and support Barack Obama. Ford gives a history of right wing attempts to grab Black support through the creation of Black corporate Democrats like Cory Booker and Barack Obama.


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