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The World Needs Peace – But Not a Pax Americana

by Cynthia McKinney

“The war machine of the United States, Israel, and NATO will continue to roll until we stop it.  The Bolivarian Alliance countries of Latin America are showing us the way – that we can achieve democracy and self-determination and liberation with ballots instead of bullets.”

What Do Hollywood Executives Call Beyonce, Denzel Washington and Halle Berry? Nigger.


by Cynthia McKinney

Hollywood is usually described as a politically liberal place, but legal actions by two Blacks in the entertainment industry claim that vocabularies in Tinsel Town are routinely laced with words like “nigger,” "spade," "colored," "monkey," "nigga," "uncle tom," "spook," and "coon." What’s more, they’ve got the documents to prove it.

Justice for Trayvon Martin Also Means Joining the International Struggle Against U.S. Lawlessness

by Cynthia McKinney

If the number of persons murdered by the police were included in the sum of executions, America would rank third in executions globally – just behind Iran.” The Trayvon Martin horror reminds us that U.S. foreign policy mirrors its domestic behavior towards Blacks and browns. “If leadership inside the U.S. will do this to their own citizens, what is done to others outside the U.S. should come as no surprise.”

12,000 US Troops Poised to Move From Malta to Libya?

 By Cynthia McKinney

Of course President Obama assured the world that no US troops would be deployed to Libya. Barack tells us about as much of the truth as any US president, which is to say not much, often not any. Unnoticed by the US press, the empire's military are consolidating the rule of the so-called National Transitional council, and claiming their prize --- unrestricted access to bases deep in the Sahara, on the borders of Sudan, Chad and Mali, from which special forces and drones can be quickly dispatched to corners of Africa unreachable before now...

Mahmoud Jibril and Qaddafi's Wealth Redistribution Project


from Cynthia McKinney

The historical record of Muammar Qaddafi’s leadership of Libya must be preserved against the false narrative of the regime changers. The real story is one of internal betrayal at the highest levels, as well as external aggression. The Libyan government bureaucrat who would become head of the NATO-backed National Transitional Council, Mahmoud Jibril, “believed that the masses were not fit to govern themselves and that an elite should control the fate and wealth of any nation.” He is now busily transferring that wealth to private and foreign hands.

McKinney: The Art of Leadership and the Fight for Justice


by Cynthia McKinney

As the United States and NATO drop bombs on unsubmitting African people in Libya, the United States kills an innocent Black man in Georgia.” The execution of Troy Davis and the vicious Euro-American assault on Libya spring from the same historical source. “A new kind of perverse global plantation is being created.” Too many of today’s Black politicians are mere posers and seat warmers. “Leroy Johnson, alone in the Georgia State Senate, was more powerful in the 1960s than are the 55 Black members of the Georgia Legislature now.”

President Obama Gets His Groove Back By Attacking Africans


by Cynthia McKinney

Even I could not imagine that it would get this bad” under Barack Obama, writes Cynthia McKinney, former Georgia congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate. Abroad, the First Black President murders whole nations and peoples. At home, “Blacks are slipping back more and more into economic and cultural servitude and political irrelevancy,” with Black family wealth now pegged at $2,000 per household, compared to $94,600 for whites.

Why Obama Attacked Libya


by Cynthia McKinney

The former Georgia congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate has led delegations to Libya. She says, “Mr. Qaddafi to this day continues to assist Black political organizations in an effort to keep people of African descent able to exercise their right of self-determination.” Qaddafi should take the U.S. and its Europeans allies to the the International Court of Justice to obtain an injunction against this military action. “I know just the right team of unbought international lawyers to do it,” writes McKinney.

Obama Blows Chance to Remake U.S. Transportation

by Cynthia McKinney

With General Motors and Chrysler at death’s door, the incoming Obama administration had an opportunity to perform a transformative bailout, to invest billions in public dollars to leapfrog U.S. automakers into the green future. Instead, Obama’s men spent $50 billion to maintain the industrial status quo and further weaken unions.

James Edward “Billy” McKinney Laid to Rest

Billiy McKinneyby Cynthia McKinney

Former Georgia Congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney spoke at the funeral of her father and co-struggler, July 19. Thousands attended the ceremonies at Atlanta’s Jackson Memorial Baptist Church. “Billy” McKinney, born February 23, 1927, was one of Atlanta’s first Black policemen (1947) and a 30-year veteran of the state legislature.


U.S. Coming Apart at the Seams

Cynthia McKinney
by Cynthia McKinney
The former Georgia Congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate was last weekend awarded the Munich American Peace Committee Peace Prize. “Those of us who have stepped outside of the ‘acceptable’ political paradigm,” she said, “must be willing to break bread with one another and find common ground on which we can operate.”

Haiti 2010: An Unwelcome Katrina Redux

cynthiaby Cynthia McKinney
The United States, having stolen so much from Haiti, now dictates what and when foreign aid will reach the Haitian people. Haitians know that their independence is their greatest treasure. “Haitians know, too, that the United States has installed its political proxies and even its own soldiers onto Haitian soil when the U.S. felt it was necessary.”

Is This What They Meant by "Post Racial America?" Harry Reid and the "Negro Dialect"

Cynthia McKinneyby Cynthia McKinney
To paraphrase Kanye West, "Does Harry Reid Like Black People?" All the top Democrats say he does, but are they really good character witnesses, given the Party's confront affronts to African Americans? Former Illinois Governor Blagojevich claims he's “blacker than Barack Obama” - but does that mean he likes Black people, either?

Remarks of Cynthia McKinney at the World Conference to Criminalize War

You wouldn't know it from our myopic and entertainment-obsessed US media, but there's a whole peace-loving world out there beyond our borders. Late last month Cynthia McKinney, the former representative from Georgia traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to participate in a conference on the criminalization of war.

Here are some of her remarks at that event.  If you cannot see the video above, click here.

Declaration of Dignity – The Tripoli Statement

Cynthia McKinneyThe following speech was delivered by former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney last week in Libya. As our issue deadline approaches, McKinney is now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for an international conference on the criminalization of war and warfare, an affair certain to pass unnoticed by our corporate media.  But then, our bipartisan elite and our military establishment, the largest and most expensive in the world, is permanent war with a large fraction of humanity. In her tireless work to promote justice and peace over injustice and warfare, it is increasingly clear that McKinney is a more accurate representative of black America than our current president can claim to be.


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