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    President Obama Meets African Youth Leaders

    Haitians cremate Monsanto effigy

    by C. Uzondu

    President Obama appears to be avoiding any real discussion of the biggest challenges facing Africa. At a White House forum for young African leaders, there was nothing on the agenda about AFRICOM, climate change, or international economic justice. With the U.S. rapidly militarizing much of the region, “Africans inhabiting the richest continent will necessarily become terrorists whenever they resist US corporate-state plunder.”

    Haiti: The Gifts of Death Burned

    Haitians cremate Monsanto effigy

    by C. Uzondu

    The last thing Haiti needs is assistance from the likes of the Monsanto Corporation, purveyor of seeds that enslave the farmer. “Rather than facilitate the intensification of capitalist plunder of Haiti, tens of thousands of farmers chose to resist corporate power “– with fire.

    Colonizing Cassava

    cassavaby C. Uzondu
    When huge corporations start talking about improving the harvests of foods the poor depend on to survive, watch out! Those crops are about to be colonized, made more expensive and genetically altered. Casava is the latest target of global agro-industry.

    Presidential Violence!

    still more hopeby C. Uzondu
    Few imagined how dangerous a “Black” U.S. presidency could be for Black interests and the prospects for world peace. Barack Obama’s “success” – as it will be judged by those powers with which he has aligned – requires that “we valorize capitalist imperialism, male supremacy, militarism, and white supremacy.”

    Let them Starve, Let them Drown!

    drownin gby C. Uzondu
    Leaders of the West – the political lineage of colonizers, conquistadors, slavers and genocidal settler regimes – gather in world capitals, pretending to search for solutions to disasters they have inflicted on the planet. President Obama stars in the pageantry of power. “Since this is the President who feels responsible for safeguarding the Afghan people from the Taliban, he must be also willing to safe-guard the world from the US.”

    Dead Aid: More Kool Aid

    dead aid and kool aidby C. Uzondu
    Dambiso Moyo pounds the talk show circuit proclaiming that foreign aid is Africa's worst problem. Her prescription: heavy doses of capitalism - as if the continent doesn't have enough of it: “Shell in the Niger delta, Canada’s Banro Corporation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Vodafone in Ghana, China’s NPOC in the Sudan, and Debeers in South Africa are all capitalist enterprises in neo-colonial states that never destroyed the colonial-capitalist state apparatus they 'inherited' from their colonial masters.” Moyo used to work for the World Bank and Goldman Sachs, and it shows.

    Let the IMF Die

    let it dieby C. Uzondu

    The International Monetary Fund, that instrument of torture deployed to strip developing nations of their ability to function as sovereign governments, is on it’s death bed. It should be allowed to die and be buried. Yet imperialist circles hope to resurrect the IMF under cover of the current economic crisis. “For imperialism, this is an opportunity to re-impose imperial control. It is a critical moment to reinvest in the capacity of the IMF to impose the ‘debt trap.’” If the IMF zombie rises from the grave, “it means that the runners and the dishwashers, the workers and the unemployed, the peasants and the landless of the world have much work to do. We have to increase the ideological and political work against any and all new attempts to grant this quack doctor a new lease on life.”


    One, Two, Three, Many Domestic Guantanamos

    more prisonersby C. Uzondu

    The United States maintains Guantanamo-like prisons around the globe, but its most populous Gulag is here in the U.S., home of one-quarter the world’s prisoners, about half of them Black. “it is absolutely necessary…to remind ourselves that the ascendancy of a Black man to the White House does not automatically signal the demise of white supremacy. This is no post-white supremacy moment, keep your eyes on the jails.” Perhaps it is apt to call the American Prison Gulag the Guantanamo Complex.” Racialized populations (even as we resist domination) are perceived and produced as perpetual prey for the predations of capital.”

    Economic Crisis, Food Sovereignty and the Struggle for Democracy

    by C. UzonduFoodSovereignty

    "While hunger kills, some make a killing." The global food crisis, sometimes called "the silent Tsunami," is as much a function of the sickness of capitalism as the banking crisis. "A new international economic order is indeed necessary.  But not the type imagined by the global ruling class." It is necessary to recognize the right to food as a human right, and to make corporations culpable for violating these rights. "Like the economic crisis, the global food crisis has everything to do with deregulation of corporations."

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