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    Capitalist Cotton Slavery and a Case (One Would Think) for Reparations

    by Paul Street

    Black chattel slavery made the United States an economic powerhouse and a beacon to European immigrants. “By 1836 nearly half the nation’s economic activity derived directly and indirectly from the roughly 1 million Black slaves. The descendants of that cauldron of torture and death deserve “a massive federal program of reparations in partial and belated compensation for the massive horror and theft.”

    Mass Killings of Blacks by Cops: An Absence of Outrage

    by Paul Street

    After two generations of mass Black incarceration, hyper-surveillance and police militarization as national policy, a nascent movement has finally arisen to demand that Black Lives Matter. But most whites feel no compassion for the victims of state carnage in the ghetto. “Where is the outrage outside the Black community over such atrocious police killings of Black people in the US?”

    Nutty Professor Dyson’s Ridiculous Apology for Eric Holder

    by Paul Street

    Shameless Obama apologist Michael Eric Dyson claims it was too politically dangerous for a Black attorney general to prosecute white Wall Street executives. “But the basic Too Big to Prosecute idea was clearly in Holder’s head long before Dyson’s ‘racial realpolitik’ might have come into play. Holder put forth the doctrine of executive immunity when he worked for Bill Clinton. “Running dog Dyson is barking up the wrong bourgeois tree.”

    And Then Came Sharpton: Helping Keep Blacks in Their Place

    by Paul Street

    Al Sharpton polluted the air of Ferguson, Missouri, on a mission to restore peace and tranquility, i.e., the racist order. He castigated Blacks for indulging in self-pity, “as if engaging in days and nights of street battle with the forces of white supremacist order and marching in the street under the banner ‘No Justice, No Peace’ is ‘sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves.’”

    Age of Liberty, Age of Slavery

    by Paul Street

    The “Age of Liberty” for whites was an age of expanding slavery and genocide for the New World’s Black and Native American victims. “Of the known 10,148,288 Africans put on slave ships bound for the Americas between 1514 and 1866 (of a total historians estimate to be at least 12,500,000), more than half, 5,131,385, were embarked after July 4, 1776.”

    Obama Ticket Prices and the Invisible Ruling Class

    by Paul Street

    Frederick Harris’ very useful book on the “high price” – to Black folks – of the nation’s First Black President has been reissued in paperback. However, Harris gives Obama too much credit as a president of all the people. “Like the great majority of U.S. presidents,” writes Paul Street, “Obama has been first and foremost a representative of the American white ruling class.”

    Deleting Corporate Power: Dominant Media’s Superficial Coverage of Problems with Obamacare

    by Paul Street

    Corporate media criticism of ObamaCare is mainly limited to the failures of its website. But the whole machinery has been rotten from its conception in a right-wing think tank. ObamaCare “is dedicated to a vision of ‘change’ that leaves the corporate and financial oligarchy free to extort massive profits.” It is working quite well for the insurance giants, whose stocks are up by 200%-300%.

    Obama as the “New JFK”: Nothing Great to Be

    by Paul Street

    As the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination approaches, the media will be awash with comparisons between JFK and Barack Obama. The two do, indeed, have much in common. “President Obama has moved in the same doctrinally and politically imposed corporate and imperial grooves as Kennedy.”

    From Daley Plaza to Syria: Obama’s Forgotten, Fading Imperial Promise

    by Paul Street

    Purported progressives who claim to be shocked and appalled at President Obama’s warmongering have been willfully ignorant for a very long time. “Its’ a shame folks in leading ‘progressive’ circles didn’t look more seriously into the militantly imperial content of Obama’s speeches and publications during and before his initial presidential campaign.”

    “You Get a President… Nothing Else”

    by Paul Street

    President Obama offered the crowds at the March on Washington commemoration…nothing, except the fact of a Black presidency. That’s all he’s ever offered. The question is: “What good to black Americans is a first black president who brings them nothing more than the fleeting symbolic satisfaction of his technically black presence in the White House.”

    King, Obama, and the Inner Core of Despotism

    by Paul Street

    Dr. Martin Luther King was a social revolutionary who preached that “a storm is rising against the theprivileged minority of the earth” that will result in a “just distribution of the fruits” of the planet. Barack Obama “has made it clear that Dr. King’s unpaid promissory note will remain un-cashed under his watch.” The First Black President disgraces the podium from which Dr. King spoke 50 years ago.

    White Racial Delusion, 50 Years After the March on Washington

    by Paul Street

    White America lives in a world of distortion. Only one-third of whites believe the killing of Trayvon Martin was “unjustified,” versus overwhelming numbers of Blacks. And, “for the first time, a majority of whites preposterously believed that whites have replaced blacks as the primary victims of racial discrimination in contemporary America.” What are the roots of this madness?

    The Obama Project and the Politics of Race

    by Paul Street

    The president expended 2,600 words to create the illusion of deep personal identification with the contemporary African American condition. But, in fact, Obama “has been actively hostile to the notion that the government ought to do anything to correct or even acknowledge racial oppression and inequality in the U.S.”

    Race, Politics, and Late Obamanism

    by Paul Street

    We can’t wait to wave the tail end of Obama goodbye – a president who “has said and done less about racial inequality than any American chief executive in recent memory.” Obama has proved one thing beyond question: “If we’re going to get a radical politics, including a radical black politics, back in this country, we have to drop out of major party electoral-ism and bourgeois identity politics once and for all.”

    Killer-Cops and the War on Black America


    by Paul Street

    The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement’s groundbreaking report on police killings of Blacks is a snapshot of war. “The executions continue nationwide: from north to south, east to west, in rural towns and large metropolitan areas.” The police and other racist pull the triggers, but warfare is a group effort. Racially biased media coverage is intimately related to the chilling indifference most of the nation shows towards quickly forgotten incidents of unjustified white-on-black police killing.”

    Romney, Obama, and the Darwinism That Substitutes Culture for Genes


    by Paul Street

    Mitt Romney’s ideas on cultural superiority are “as American as apple pie.” The First Black President plays on the white culture team, too. “Obama has repeatedly played Booker T. Washingtonian haranguer of impoverished blacks for failing to think and act right and thereby to take advantage of the great opportunities supposedly afforded them by the ‘magical place called the United States.’”

    Is Barack Obama a Fit Role Model for Black Youth?


    by Paul Street

    The last refuge of the Obama apologist is to hold up the president and his family as role models for Black America, especially Black youth. The reality is that Obama has “put a technically black presidential face on each of what the democratic socialist King called ‘the triple evils that are interrelated’i – economic exploitation (capitalism), racism.” This alleged role model is better described as “the latest and re-branded out-front Don Corleone for the biggest mob outfit of all time – the white-owned and white-run American State-Capitalist Empire.”

    Populism and the Two Bubbles That Went Pop – the Banks’ and Obama’s


    by Paul Street

    Occupy Wall Street has “performed the remarkable service of calling out the name and address of the nation’s true unelected masters: corporate-financial capital and Wall Street.” It was a truth whose mass acceptance was made possible, first by the meltdown of the banks, and then by President Obama’s refusal to deliver real “change.” The First Black President’s brazen service to the “1%” made clear the need for popular action outside the Democratic and Republican parties.

    Urban Neoliberal Racism, Mass Poverty, and the Repression of Occupy Wall Street

    by Paul Street

    Big city mayors, most of them Democrats, colluded with federal Homeland Security officials to devise a uniform pretext to clean out Occupy Wall Street sites: they were a “threat to public health and safety.” But poverty is the real source of the urban health and safety crisis. “A record-setting 1 in 15 Americans now lives in what poverty researchers have recently resorted to calling ‘deep poverty’ – at less than half the federal government’s notoriously miserly and inadequate poverty measure.” The Occupy sites are targeted because “city officials and police are beholden to overlapping metropolitan financial, corporate, and real estate elites, that is, to members, allies, and servants of the upper 1 percent.”

    Whose Black President?

    by Paul Street

    In retrospect, we should have seen it all coming: the Black corporate politician wreaking havoc on the progressive legacy through a working alliance with the GOP. In fact, some of us did see it coming, including the author, who had Obama’s number, early on. “The deeply conservative Obama governed from the big business-friendly, Teapublican-accommodating center-right,” and pushed forward in his quest to savage entitlements at a time when Republicans weren’t even suggesting cuts to Social Security: this was something Obama apparently desired for its own sake.”

    Note to “the Left”: Obama Hates You

    by Paul Street

    Despite oceans of evidence, many self-described “progressives” still refuse to recognize Barack Obama as the warmongering servant of Wall Street that he is. They continue to hover like flocks of groupies, eager to debase themselves for a politician that despises them. The Left – or what’s left of it – is held in deepest contempt by this president and his handlers. “It is long past time for serious lefties to leave” Obama and his fellow corporate Democrats, “once and for all.”

    Freedom Restored: "We've Come to Take Our Country Back" - a Tea Party Satire

    by Paul Street

    The future is bright – for the rule of capital! With the Election Day triumph of Palin-Beck-Limbaugh-Paul Thought, “Private ownership of core economic institutions and their operation for investor profit will be restored at once.” No longer will Che, Marx and Mao rule from the Oval Office. Henceforth, “This is one free market nation under God."

    “Despite the Power of Money”: Reflections on the Vapid Obama Commentary of Professor Angela Davis

    by Paul Street

    Angela Davis recently told television audiences that Barack Obama won the presidency “despite the power of money.” Any knowledgeable person – much less a learned academic and activist heroine – should know better. The reality, which is not in serious dispute, is that Obama “set new corporate fundraising records, receiving many millions of dollars from powerful Wall Street firms and other profit-based economic giants.” Prof. Davis is spouting discredited 2008 campaign propaganda, as a cover for the collapse of Left opposition to Obama’s pro-war and pro-Wall Street policies.


    Is Barack Obama Bad for Racial Justice?

    by Paul Street

    For a long list of reasons, the answer is Yes, the net effect of Obama’s presidency has been to weaken the forces for racial justice in the United States. A prime example: “The Obama presidency has convinced a significant number of black Americans – long the leftmost ethno-cultural segment of the U.S. citizenry and electorate – to turn a blind eye to persistent harsh and worsening race disparities.”


    War Crime Whistleblower in Obama’s Sights, War Criminals Not


    The Obama administration is even more fixated on secrecy than its Republican predecessor, whose crimes go unpunished and in many case, repeated. The continuity of the two war-making regimes is obvious. As it turns out, there are only so many ways to run “the world’s greatest killing machine” – and they are all mass murderous.

    Reparations…for Present Injustice

    by Paul Street

    The author’s problem with African American reparations is that some of the demands seem to stop with the demise of Jim Crow. “Why stop with the 20th century?” Racist crimes that cry out for repair are constantly committed in the United States. “The very distinction between past and present racism ought to be considered part of the ideological superstructure of contemporary white supremacy.”


    “Felony is the New ‘N-Word”: Michelle Alexander on Mass Incarceration as “The New Jim Crow” in the Age of Obama

    by Paul Street

    The author – himself a renowned Left, anti-racist scholar and activist – calls Alexander’s work “as close to being a perfect book as you are going to see.” While established Black leadership spent most of its political capital defending affirmative action programs that never reached the masses of Black people, the U.S. was busy establishing a “new racial caste system” based on mass Black incarceration and “unimpeded by the Fourteenth Amendment and federal civil rights legislation”


    A Comeback for Chattel Slavery? Remarkable Revelations from a Top Obama Aide

    by Geraldine Winstanley, AN political writer
    Hot off the presses: slavery is about to stage a return engagement, by presidential decree. “This and the president’s repeated visits to Africa have helped him develop a sense of slavery’s rich contribution to the development of what he calls ‘this magical place the United States.'”

    Killer Obama, Dr. King, and the Triple Evils

    warmonger and peacemakerby Paul Street
    Dr. Martin Luther King's ideas on the nature of peace and social justice bear no resemblance to those of the current occupant of the White House, yet another in a long line of presidential killers on an industrial scale. MLK, the social democrat, would have recoiled in horror at the trillions lavished on Wall Street Obama's first year in office, believing as he did that “the evils of capitalism are as real as the evils of militarism and evils of racism.”

    “You Can’t Be President”: Race, Class, and Memories of Obama

    by Paul Street
    No one should claim they were fooled by candidate Barack Obama – least of all, Black people. “Obama’s political team has always taken an official position of cowardice on race.His avoidance of racial realities is long-standing. The president's supporters simply ignored the evidence of their own eyes and ears, and let their imaginations do the thinking.
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