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    The Idiocy that Executed Trayvon Martin: Marian Hammer of the NRA

    Eshu’s blues by michael hureaux perez

    The National Rifle Association is a vector of violent death, and “white Amurrikin cowboy fantasies will not be satisfied until this land is mindlessly purged with blood, to paraphrase John Brown.” The nation was far safer 40-something years ago, when the right to bear arms “was defended by such stalwarts of the 2nd Amendment as the Black Panther Party, the Young Lords and the American Indian Movement.

    Eshu’s blues: “Republicans” and why politics is still just show business for ugly people


    by Michael Hureaux Perez

    Civilized people worry about the Republicans’ antics this election season. “Why this parading of the cracker factory in full daylight and without their sheets and hoods?” Could it be that the Nixon’s old Southern Strategy has finally gone berserk? The author’s theory “is that the ‘Democratic’ faction of the Neo Confederacy has moved so far to the right that it’s actually overtaken the ‘Republican’ party and is bankrolling it.” The fix is in, and the landslide is coming.

    Quo Vadis, Mr O? Or: See How He Runs


    Eshu’s blues by michael hureaux perez

    Some of us predicted that Obama would be bad news, but few of us could imagine how bad. “Little as we trusted him, we never thought that Barrack Obama would descend into a Nixonian charade.”

    Roosevelt Offered the New Deal, Obama Launches the Old Deal

    Laughing Obama

    by michael hureaux perez

    Since Barack Obama has clearly reneged on any new dispensation for Black and working people in America, we may soon see him pitching an Old Deal as the Best Deal. Need affordable housing? “Please know that if a barn was good enough for Secretariat, it’s good enough for you. You’re an American.”

    Eshu’s blues: Launching a Teacher’s Fightback Newsletter in Seattle

    by michael hureaux perez

    If there is one organized force with the potential to resist Barack Obama’s corporate offensive, it is the teachers unions. Yet the multi-million-member American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association seem not to understand that they have been targeted for destruction by the man they fought so hard to elect. It’s up to rank and file teachers like Seattle’s Social Equality Educators to sound the alarm, before it’s too late.


    Eshu’s Blues: Make Them Drink It

    it's burning

    by michael hureaux perez

    The Earth bleeds from a deep wound in the Gulf of Mexico, and humanity suffers the agonies of a thousand cuts – many if not most of them inflicted by the United States and the corporations it serves. What is a progressive to do? “We must begin by conducting a militant defense of the public sector of the economy through whatever grassroots community and labor organizations at our disposal - once again, with the notable exception of the 'democratic' party.”


    Eshu’s blues: An Open Letter to President Obama on Haiti

    by BAR columnist michael hureaux perez
    Even when claiming to speak to the nation and world about Haiti, Barack Obama winds up talking about America – and himself. The author writes, “Mr. President…“I am always astounded to see just what a shallow and pretentious presence your elevation to the national scene has become, even at this moment of colossal tragedy.”

    Eshu's blues: Pat Robertson, the U.S. Ruling Class and Haiti

    you know what this meansby michael hureaux perez

    African Americans who want to help Haiti – and improve Black people's condition worldwide – “need to reclaim our own independent black agency and move accordingly.” Our own unique perspective on the world should enable us “to see that what delays the rescue effort in Haiti is the same bloody business-centered indifference that was visited upon tens of thousands of our people in New Orleans five years ago.

    Eshu’s blues: Obamania one year after: a confession

    more hopeby BAR columnist michael hureaux perez
    Confession may or not be good for the soul, but at some point it becomes unavoidable when one takes stock of what one's vote has wrought. The author admits to the sin of having placed excessive trust in former mentors and gurus among the Obamites. Now he sees the fruits of his misspent ballot: “Even though there’s a black man in the White House, the white man’s burden must still be shouldered.”

    Eshu’s blues: Teachers Defend Their Communities and Themselves

    by michael hureaux perez
    Teachers in a small school district in the Puget Sound region of Washington went on strike against the corporate “reform” juggernaut – and survived the experience. “For 17 days, Kent teachers held the line against the usual Dickensian shopkeeper horse manure that dominates the public education debate in the United States.” The community stood with them.

    Eshu’s blues: The president holds forth on education

    by BAR columnist michael hureaux perez
    Barack Obama has as much right as his predecessors to dispense bromides to children. “But there is a profound falsehood being told when he claims the families of public school students, or teachers have done 'everything we can' to make sure that kids have what they need to succeed in school.”

    Eshu’s blues: Obama and Duncan’s “Race to the Top”

    by BAR columnist michael hureaux perez
    President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan are sold on charter schools and so-called “public-private partnerships.” In order to impose their corporate philosophy of education, the duo wave $5 billion under the noses of hard-pressed states, contingent on tying teacher job security to high-stakes test results and boosting charter schools. Duncan, in particular, makes extraordinary claims about his schooling fetishes while “lying through his teeth.”

    Eshu’s blues: Gates Busted by Officer Jim Crowlaw, uh, James Crowley

    more gatesby BAR columnist michael hureaux perez
    President Obama is so averse to calling racism by its name, he sometimes makes himself sound less than intelligent – such as when he called a policeman “stupid” for doing what cops do to Black men every day of the week. Obama's Harvard buddy “Skip” Gates comes across as not too damn bright either, seemingly “shocked” that white policemen would fail to change the habits of a lifetime in deference to Gate's superior breeding and high culture.

    Eshu’s blues: Dr. Wertham was right

    comicby BAR columnist michael hureaux perez
    If life imitates art, political life in the USA mimics comic books. “Gotham City looked to the Grim Avenger and Boy Wonder Robin, the United States looks to the Grinning Pretender and Joe, the Wonder-Boy.” Like in the comic books, the bad guys and the less bad guys are all crazy. “Next issue, the Dynamic Duo are off bombing and strafing in Afghanistan, reinforcing the barricades in Gaza and silently backing coups in Honduras.”

    Eshu’s blues: Obama in Africa

    brotherman in the motherlandby BAR columnist michael hureaux perez
    “Six months after his ascent to power, Barack Obama has proven to be exactly the nightmare we at BAR have long predicted he would be.” His recent visit reveals Obama has as much contempt for Black Africans as for African Americans. “Just days ago in Ghana, the First Black President of the Empire of the United States delivered a speech laden with homilies on responsibility and 'democratic values' that could have been written by speech writers for Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush.”

    Eshu’s blues:The Obamamas and the Obapapas

    by BAR columnist michael hureaux perez
    So where is the mass movement that was supposedly gestating in the womb of the Obama campaign phenomenon, the one that was wedded to, but to the left of, the actual candidate? How has the phantom “movement” made itself felt and known? Turns out, the whole thing was made up so that “progressives” would feel justified in supporting a corporate politician that resembles the “WW I-era Ivy league intellectual and imperial gangster Woodrow Wilson on many points, the issue of U.S. global hegemony first and foremost.”

    Eshu’s blues: It’s a jungle out here

    prissy prezby BAR columnist michael hureaux perez
    The imperial menu offers us a range of dishes, from prime cut mass murder (Congo, Af-Pak), to trailer park cold cuts a la Sarah Palin and her abstinence-preaching daughter-momma. And then there's “Golden Tonsils Obama, whose Cairo speech just two weeks ago fell into that realm the character in Mel Brooks’ movie Blazing Saddles was talking about when he said another character in the film had a 'prettier tongue then a fifty dollar whore.'”

    Eshu’s blues: Media circus throws another temper tantrum over Sotomayor nomination

    by michael hureaux perez

    Opponents of Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination claim to be fighting against the rise of an “activist court” – “which is what the ruling class of this country calls any court which occasionally intervenes on behalf of historically repressed peoples.” Such politicians are much more comfortable with jurists such as Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, who famously proclaimed that Blacks have no rights that a white man is bound to respect. The modern-day Taneys don’t have much tolerance for uppity Puerto Ricans, either.

    Eshu’s blues: Zulu Nation in Seattle Takes a Big Step Forward


    zulu 1by BAR columnist michael hureaux perez
    KRS One gave the best definition when he said rap is something you do, hip hop is something you live,” says Alonzo Ybarra, a prime mover in Seattle’s chapter of the Zulu Nation. “ Ybarra is determined to chart a positive course for the chapter, but he’s realistic about hip hop’s vulnerabilities. “I think rap in general has been commercialized, it’s probably one of the easiest cultural art forms to take on, certainly you don’t have to be in particularly great shape to think that you can rap, you certainly don’t have to be in very good mental condition to make words rhyme, so it’s no wonder that, very often in pretty much any community you go to in the United States, you’ll go out and hear rot as rap.”


    Eshu's Blues: First Black President of the American Empire


    imperial blackfaceby michael hureaux perez

    The name on the door, and the family in the White House has changed. We have a president who speaks in complete, grammatically correct sentences. But with more than 800 US military bases around the planet, and spending more on things military than the other 95% of the globe's population combined, America is the same old arrogant bully. Dr. King once said that a nation which spends more on things military than on human uplift is doomed. If he were alive today he might add, no matter the skin color of its leaders.


    Eshu’s blues: Ayers and Dohrn Speak Out on Behalf of the Emperor

    weathermenby BAR columnist michael hureaux perez

    Oh, how the once-revolutionaries have fallen! Thus, former Weatherman William Ayers and his back-in-the-day comrade and spouse Bernardine Dohrn sing the praises of the Wall Street champion, Barack Obama. “It is painful to watch them perform these ministrations for a political hack who won’t even stand up to the butchers who drove the Clinton political machine or the Carter political machine decades before him.” As Lenin remarked back in his own time, “In the end run, anarchists were turning out to be no more than ‘liberals with bombs.’”  We need to return to Amilcar Cabral’s admonition to “tell no lies, claim no easy victories.”

    Eshu’s blues: Ron Sims, Hometown Boy, Makes Good


    Our columnist knows a little sump'in about Ron Sims, the Black former executive of King County, Seattle, Washington, who's been nominated to become President Obama's Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. "Sims has long had the consistency of weak oatmeal... a perfect complement to the Oba." Ron Sims and the citizens are in for a rough ride. "Like it or not, Hurricane Katrina was the test forum for a widespread application of a ‘new' Housing and Urban Development policy, which, as that troublesome spirit Russell Means pointed out a few days ago, is nothing more than the treatment that has been dumped on the Indigenous American for centuries." 

    Eshu’s blues: “Can you defend yourself?”

    by BAR columnist michael hureaux perez

    The social disintegration endemic to late capitalism in America reaches new lows in the current meltdown. The purposely de-skilled classes turn on each other, as the "social Darwinist ethos carries the day." A young woman acquaintance of the author is informed that self-defense capability is part of the job description on temporary employment assignments. Folks are snapping.  "There's just something about being treated like expendable products on the shelf that makes a lot of people full-blown batshit crazy in short time." Everybody is going bust. But "Obama thinks he has the money to fight wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan." 

    Eshu’s blues: Obama scabs on the autonomy of Palestine-and the rest of us

    ESHUfuture war criminal-1by BAR columnist michael hureaux perez

    President Obama, if he were truly "the humanitarian he pretends to be, would be upholding the Geneva Convention, and condemning the State of Israel before the world." But of course, he won't, and America's "so-called ‘war on terror, which President Obama embraced in the opening lines of his inaugural speech, knows neither humility or shame." Most of Black America mistakenly anticipates some sort of imperial exceptionalism in the Obama White House. But "despite the election of a black man to the presidency, the dictatorship of race and class remains at the core of both U.S. and western ideology and practice."

    Eshu’s blues: Evacuate Israel to the “heartland”

    eshu_gazaby BAR columnist michael hureaux perez

    Israel in its present configuration and location "is just not working out." Its behavior isn't suited to Palestine - a bad choice, in hindsight, for a Jewish homeland. Better to "offer the new Israeli government the states of Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas," where "orthodox Christian populations" that are so enamored of the current State of Israel "should be quite amenable to moving out of the region" to make room for the newcomers. Right-wing preachers like Pastor John Hagee should certainly be capable of explaining that "God has now revealed Texas to be the promised land of Zion." After all, "If you've sold one ‘God gave them the land' package, you've sold them all."

    Eshu’s blues: Obama’s message to the world: Let the U.S. ruling class pound you in the face

    by BAR columnist michael hureaux perez

    Obama is silent as the grave - Palestinian graves - about Gaza, but shoots off his mouth in what appears to be a prelude to war against Social Security. The "Herald of Hope and Change" shows a "cowardice" on Palestine that "is beyond appalling," while huffing and puffing about how he'll solve the problems caused by "that seven hundred dollars a month the disabled collect from Social Security and the few hundred many people get from the ‘entitlement' programs of Medicare." As long as the "markets" are "soothed" by his ever-rightward policies, Obama is pleased.

    Eshu’s blues: Ode to Charles Rex Fisher/Christmas Night in Harlem

    by BAR columnist michael hureaux perez

    A teacher/activist offers some holiday ruminations on education: "Let us celebrate punitive testing, carved up tables and chairs, chain link fence in the stairwells and high strung civil servants who are just marking time until they can get away from the children of the great unwashed." Not cheered up, yet? Let's think of kinder times and inspiring educators, like Rex Fisher, who introduced the author "and my peers to the words of David Walker, Frederick Douglass, Martin Delaney, WEB DuBois, Marcus Garvey, Fannie Lou Hamer and Malcolm X -  and that was a rare thing from teachers in the public schools of 1973."

    Eshu’s blues: President Barancklin Husseinalo Roosobamavelt

    ESHUgreenjobsby BAR columnist michael hureaux perez

    "President-Elect Obama has promised us a massive public works program that will put two and a half million people to work in various forms of ‘green' industry" - a promise that may or may not turn out to be worth something. "Green" is a shapeless category that can include "use of healthy agricultural acreage for the production of fuels for the automobile." Obama's leftish supporters anticipate a second coming of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, but "even the Obamaists have to see that there's something slightly hinky about the names that are turning up in the presidential cabinet."

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