The Great Debate That Never Was

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

If the Green Party’s Jill Stein had been allowed in this week’s presidential debate, it would have transformed the discussion and altered the race. That’s why Democrats and Republicans kept it a duopoly-only affair. “The only circumstances in which either Trump or Clinton can muster a minimally compelling argument, is against each other.” Thanks to Democracy Now!, we got a glimpse at what a real debate might be like. Clinton and Trump would lose.

Hundreds of Cops Divert and Foil Thousands of Protesters Outside NY Presidential Debate

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

While inside the debate moderator Lester Holt failed to ask questions about joblessness, medical care, student loans, police murder or mass incarceration, New York police outside the debate showed the world how to suppress free speech with a soft hand, diverting more than two thousand protesters into "free speech zones" long lines and checkpoints and spaces artfully designed to prevent groups from concentrating in one place or finding each other.

Freedom Rider: Vote Green

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

A vote for the Green Party is not a protest gesture -- it is a vote for a platform of peace, social justice and a livable planet, and against the Parties of Lies. The Democrats “continue to be seen as the antiwar party even as they use regime change more successfully than George W. Bush ever dreamed.” Trump is a scarecrow for political children, but Clinton is a real, live, proven monster. Vote Green – boldly! -- for civlization, and against death.

Winnie Mandela Turns 80, Vows to lead Marikana Campaign

by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Adebayo

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, the indomitable heroine of the South African freedom struggle, celebrated her 80th birthday surrounded by friends and enemies, including the once-revolutionary, now-capitalist Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, who was complicit in the massacre of Black miners at Marikana. She promptly demanded that he fund a campaign for the miners’ widows and orphans. “Critics underestimate Winnie Mandela at their peril.”

Debate Moderator Lester Holt Asks Zero Questions About Poverty, Abortion, Climate Change

by Adam Johnson

This Monday showed there were multiple ways to fix a crooked presidential debate.  The first way is to exclude everyone but the representatives of the two capitalist parties.  A second way explored elsewhere in this issue was outside crowd control, and a third, as FAIR's Adam Johnson explained, was to let the crooks decide what questions they'd be asked.

System Meltdown: How US Imperialism is Whitewashing Crisis on Multiple Fronts

by Danny Haiphong

The fantastically-timed new Census figures showing large income advances, based on recently altered measuring sticks, cannot mask the deep crisis afflicting capitalism and its political parties: the Republicans and Democrats. The decaying economic order produces gross inequalities, mass insecurity, extinction-threatening wars and climate instability, and deepening moral turpitude within the ruling circles. It’s called system meltdown.

The Roots are in the System: Charlotte and Beyond

by Paul Street

Police violence provides the “spark” that draws crowds instantly to the streets, but apartheid and inequality are the “underlying tinder that fuels the fires of rage across Black America today.” It may also have “sunk in with millions of Black Americans that the symbolic election of a technically First Black President is nothing compared to the deep structurally and institutionally entrenched racism of the American System.”

Why America Deserves Donald Trump as President

by Pascal Robert

Trump is “simply a political manifestation of all America has ever been: arrogant, belligerent, dishonest, and motivated by sheer avarice.” The Democrats offer only “vapid identity politics” in which “Black, female, gay, and transgender comprador brothers and sisters of American empire drop bombs on Syrian children and protect police for snuffing out the lives of unarmed Black motorists.”

21st Century Detroit-style Power and Struggle: The Detroit Literacy Case

by Frank X Murphy

The corporate project to destroy of local democracy has reached its zenith in Detroit, the nation’s Black metropolis. Neoliberal dogma holds that “Detroiters can’t do anything, don’t know anything, and our communities should be disregarded when ‘reviving,’ ‘restructuring’ and even ‘resurrecting’ Detroit.” A landmark suit challenges that dogma in the courts. The people must also challenge it in the streets.

Students are Pulling a Kaepernick All Over America – and Being Threatened for It

by Zaid Jilani and Naomi LaChance

It’s been 70 years since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that nobody can be compelled to salute or otherwise honor the flag, but students across the country report retaliation for “pulling a Kaepernick” at school events. In parochial schools, constitutional protections carry even less weight. Camden, New Jersey’s Catholic diocese maintains that “free speech, including protests, is not a guaranteed right.”

The UN’s Next Genocide in Somalia

by Thomas C. Mountain

The United Nations, acting as a foreign policy arm of the U.S., allowed a quarter million Somali children to starve to death in 2011. Another drought, and continued occupation and war, now endangers the lives of hundreds thousands more kids. “The UN is responsible for feeding the internally displaced persons its war against the Somali people has been creating for a decade now, and simply fails to do so.”

South Africa Study: Why Societies Must Protect Children if They Want Fewer Criminals

by Chandre Gould

The author studied the lives of South African men that had been jailed for violent crimes – and discovered the abused and forsaken child at the core of each of them. “Preventing and reducing stubbornly high levels of violence in South Africa can only be achieved if the country focuses on ensuring that children are not exposed to violence or toxic stress at home, and that they are warmly cared for.”

Why Progressives Must Leave The Democratic Party

by C.W. Jegna

Hillary Clinton and her party are bad medicine, dispensed in incrementally fatal doses. The Democratic-leaning public seeks a cure for what ills society, but gets poison, instead. “No sane progressive should associate themselves with a political party that often and dramatically alters their demands to the point where they become indistinguishable from the Republicans.”

Was it Mutiny? U.S. Rulers Split Over Syria

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The American bombing of Syrian soldiers was no “mistake” – it was a mutiny by the War Party in the U.S. military and government, who want victory for the jihadists. “The war hawks have never forgiven Obama or ceased denouncing his failure to ‘finish off’ Assad” in 2013. They hope that a President Hillary Clinton “will launch the final, crushing strike” against Assad – “if the jihadists can just hang on until Inauguration Day.”

Freedom Rider: Anti-Putin Hysteria in Service to Hillary

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

“Vladimir Putin is being used to normalize imperialism and to get Hillary in the Oval Office.” The pro-Clinton corporate media are fully complicit in the farce, acting as megaphones of a new McCarthyism. “Joy Ann Reid at MSNBC is so eager to please that she forgets the Soviet Union collapsed 25 years ago and ranted endlessly on twitter about ‘communist Russia.’” The Clintonites are willing to set the world ablaze to win the White House.

Hillary Clinton's Neo-McCarthyism and the Real Father of "Extreme Nationalism"

by Danny Haiphong

The Democrats have made Vladimir Putin “the primary boogeyman of Clinton's campaign,” insanely blaming Russia for Donald Trump’s white nationalism. The historical reality is that the U.S. “birthed the most extreme nationalism the world has ever known when its founding rulers created a state based on white supremacy.” And it was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who oversaw the coup in Ukraine that brought neo-Nazi parties to power.

Journey to No FEAR: 9/11

by BAR editor and columnist, Dr. Marsha Adebayo

The final stage of the battle to pass the No FEAR Act, designed to protect those who blow the whistle on discrimination in the federal civil service, was overshadowed by the events of 9/11/01. Yet it was a near-miraculous victory, drawing together perhaps the strangest set of bedfellows in U.S. political history to confront “the outrageous abuse that is taking place in the federal government and its impact on national and international policy.”


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