Bernie to Deliver Captive Constituencies to the Democratic Convention

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Bernie will take his campaign all the way to the convention. We called him a sheepdog back in May 2015, and he's filling exactly that role, enticing the Dems' captive constituencies back into the trunk of the party one more time, where where their votes will count but their demands, the issues that made supporters feel the Bern will be ignored. That's what it means to be a captive constituency.

Detroit Teachers Strike Against Disaster Capitalism

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The corporate narrative on the Detroit teacher’s sick-out is that the public schools are “failing,” just as the city has “failed” to manage its own finances. But the state has intervened in Detroit’s schools for decades, and has destabilized the public system with charters. “Charter schools play a key role in urban disaster capitalism, wrecking the community nexus of public education by draining the system of students and resources.”

Freedom Rider: Obama’s Last Gasp Imperialism

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

President Obama’s remaining days in office may be short, but “there is no reason to mourn or rejoice Obama’s departure because he will be followed by someone who likes his foreign policy as it is.” Hillary Clinton was his partner in imperial crime, and “the supposedly left wing Bernie Sanders warns of non-existent Russian aggression, supports presidential ‘kill lists’ and thinks that having U.S. troops in Syria is a fine idea.” 

A Day Late and a Dollar Short: Mr. Obama Goes to Flint

by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

Barack Obama has expressed concern for any number of human tragedies in the nation and world, and waged wars under the banner of “humanitarian” compassion. But it took him two years to visit the scene of the poisoning of a largely Black American population. Obama’s “visit is not intended to alleviate the suffering of the Flint community but to whitewash his political legacy of total contempt for the plight of the very people who elected him.”

Building the Greens Into a Mass Party: Interview with Bruce Dixon

Ann Garrison's picture

by Ann Garrison

The Green Party has been around for two decades as an alternative to the two corporate parties.  It's time some Greens paid attention to why it hasn't caught a mass following, despite being mostly correct on the issues and closer to the beliefs of actual votes than either of those two parties.  Some Greens are interrogating their own party and their own practice, with a view toward moving to a membership-led and membership financed party.

Drain the Swamp

by BAR poet in residence Raymond Nat Turner

Our poet tires of the swatting zika-infested mosquitoes that bring us emergency managers and privatization, of seeing the crocodile tears of our black big city mayors and the rest of the black misleadership class. this week he advocates a more comprehensive approach.

Self-Determination and Socialism: The Fight for Socialism is Now!

by Danny Haiphong

The ills of capitalism – a system ruled by the rich – can only be cured by appropriating the wealth and power of the rich, through socialism. In Black America, an opportunistic class emerged that seeks “to attach the Black masses to capitalist rule.” Yet, this class – which includes Barack Obama – “has brought no material benefit to the Black working class.” The way forward is socialism: the seizure of power and resources for self-determination.

Unveiling White Supremacy in the Academy

by Dr. Ama Biney

Europeans colonized the world, and maintain their control through paradigms of thinking “that continue to produce ‘black skins in white masks’ in the twenty first century and leave intact colonial patterns of control, domination and exploitation.” This world of “coloniality” is split between a “’Zone of Non Being’ which is inhabited by people of color who largely constitute the South and the ‘Zone of Being’ inhabited by Europe and North America.”

Capitalism's Depleted Reserves: Recognizing and Preparing for Systemic Breakdown

by Ben Peck

The capitalist system has “burned away many of the reserve layers at its disposal, economically, socially and politically,” and will be much weaker when the next great crisis hits. The reformists have bankrupted themselves, as well. “Where the social democrats offer no alternative to austerity, but instead work hand-in-glove with the bosses to implement it, they completely undermine their reason for existence in the eyes of the working class.”

2016 Open letter to President Obama: “What About We People Who Are Darker Than Blue?”

by Norman (Otis) Richmond (aka Jalali)

In 2009, President Obama changed the name – and the meaning – of Black Music Month to African American Music Appreciation Month. The author maintains the change represents “a step backward” for Black music. “In one fell swoop he took an international music and nationalized it.”

Sanders Prepares to Bow Down to Hillary, But Many of His Supporters Won’t

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Bernie Sanders has endorsed President Obama’s troop escalation in Syria, once again showing that “he is no more ‘progressive’ than Obama on foreign policy, and just as dishonest – a true Democrat. Sanders will ultimately bow to Hillary Clinton, while still claiming that the Democratic Party can be transformed from the inside. However, millions will have witnessed that the campaign proves exactly the opposite – and will seek alternatives.

Freedom Rider: Honoring Harriet Tubman

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The U.S. government sullies the name of the great freedom fighter Harriet Tubman by putting her picture on its foul currency. “Not only has her name been ruined by a dubious connection with the dollar that kept her captive, but she will share this ‘honor’ with Andrew Jackson, enslaver and Indian killer.” No Black person should feel affirmed by this sacrilege. “Our story is a deeply sacred responsibility and must never be granted to anyone else.”

The Flint Chess Game: The Politics of the Battlefield

by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

So far, only a few pawns have been sacrificed, and one minor knight has fallen, in the Machiavellian chessboard game that is being played with the lives of thousands who were poisoned by the water in Flint, Michigan. Governor Rick Snyder has not even been question by state or federal prosecutors. “It will only be through political activism and unrelenting protest that the actual political players will be charged and held accountable.”

Why Solidarity in the 21st Century Means Understanding Race and Class as One Entity, not Two

by Danny Haiphong

Capitalism is the scourge of the planet. “The basis of solidarity, then, should ultimately derive from an internationalist perspective. It means mutually working together with the peoples of the world in the struggle against the common enemy of imperialism.” Malcolm X understood that Vietnamese and Algerian freedom fighters provided “a great service to Black people in the US by weakening the international influence of the US capitalist state.”

Black Lives Don’t Matter, Black Votes Do: the Racial Hypocrisy of Hillary and Bill Clinton

by Richard W. Behan

Seldom have a people given such huge support to a more duplicitous couple. Bill and Hillary Clinton have grown rich and powerful, largely on the strength of the Black vote. Yet, the Clintons are responsible for increased poverty and incarceration and much of Wall Street’s global and domestic predations. That’s why “the big bankers love Clinton, and by and large they want her to be president” – and why Blacks should shun them like the plague.

Hillary Clinton’s Support Base as Bogus as US Democracy

by Eric Draitser

As some very perceptive men have written, the rich rule largely by “manufactured consent.” It turns out that much of Hillary Clinton’s consenting base of support is fictional: “the majority of her Twitter fans, and indeed her social media following in general, are completely fake.” The same was true of Barack Obama’s twitter following: 53 percent fake accounts. Election results and the causes of war and economic crises are also mainly bogus.

Some Thoughts on Cuban Resistance to US Ideological/Political War

by Arnold August

What does it mean when American flags appear on the streets of Havana? Is President Obama winning his war against Cuban socialism by non-military means? “Obama confirmed once again that the US is dispensing with openly antagonistic tactics, in favor of diplomatic tactics that he hopes will attain the goal of snuffing out the Cuban Revolution.” The Cuban people, themselves, are engaged in a great debate about their future – and ours.

Ecocide in the Niger Delta

by Peter Donatus

The majority of refugees come from war and conflict zones, illegitimate states, areas of natural disasters and economically weak countries. In many cases, companies from the West destroy people’s livelihoods by acting ruthlessly. In Nigeria, the oil extraction and production has devastating consequences for the people living in the Niger Delta. But the Geneva Convention on Refugees is not effective in this case.

Rwanda: Genocide Included Hutus Massacred by Kagame Forces

Ann Garrison's picture

by Ann Garrison 

The Rwandan Genocide is commemorated in Rwanda and at the United Nations as “the genocide against the Tutsi.” However, there is ample evidence that hundreds of thousands of Hutus, as well as Tutsis, died in the Rwandan massacres.


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