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    Why I Don't Do Kwaanza

    by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    Ron Karenga, the man who invented Kwaanza, headed the US organization, which was responsible for the murder of 4 Black Panthers in Southern California as a tool of COINTELPRO, and the torture of two of its own female members. Kwaanza may now be bigger than its inventor, but Karenga's crimes do cast a shadow on the holiday for many of us.

    Getting Rid of Al Sharpton and the Misleadership Class

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    The young activists of the Ferguson “movement” may have altered the course of Black and U.S. history, “Thanks to the liberating model of Ferguson, there is the opportunity to thoroughly discredit the Black Misleadership Class” and move forward towards transformational change.

    Freedom Rider: Ferguson Reverberates Around the World

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    The whole world wants to know where the “Ferguson” movement is going, and Russians are no exception. The author just returned from Moscow, where they “were curious about Barack Obama’s relationship with the constituency that supported him the most and why their needs are still not adequately addressed.”

    LET US SPEAK! LET US SPEAK! LET US SPEAK! Voices from Ferguson to Sharpton

    Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, BAR editor and columnist and Kevin Berends

    The spirit of the people in motion will often overcome the pretentions of their so-called leaders. Thus it was inevitable that young activists denied any part in Sharpton's stage-managed DC spectacle save that of crowd extras, briefly seized the mic to address the their peers, their elders and the world.

    December Surprise (Class struggle trumps Trail of Tricks)

    by BAR poet-in-residence Raymond Nat Turner

    With young, Black America’s sound
    New meaning to ‘boots on the ground!’
    Like a ‘surge,’ chum-rushing the stage
    Declaring: The Ferguson Age!

    Eric Garner, American Occupation, and the Decline of Empire

    ​by Danny Haiphong

    Like whole flocks of chickens coming home to roost, the deep contradictions that beset the U.S. empire have become acute, at home and abroad. “The militarized police state that is attempting to stifle the energy of the current movement has its roots in the Pentagon's efforts to put down the spontaneous Black rebellions of the mid 60's.”

    The Global Scourge of Police Killing Blacks

    by Lisa Tomlinson

    The issue of Black people being victims of systemic brutality, oppression and murder at the hands of the police is not limited to the United States. It is a global problem. If we are ever going to stop this barbaric use of authority to trample the civil and human rights of Black people we must open our eyes to what it happening on an international scale.

    Sacramento’s Black Mayor and the Minimum Wage

    by Seth Sandronsky

    If Kevin Johnson is “progressive,” then the term has become meaningless. The Sacramento mayor and charter school champion, husband of privatization zealot Michelle Rhee, has bought into the corporate argument that meaningful hikes in the minimum wage harm the economy, including the lowest paid workers. In the short term, he wants to “study” the issue to death.

    Would You Buy An Obamamobile From This Man?

    by Howard Wait

    “High Deductible Health Care Model” is President Obama’s legacy to the American people, complete with “skinny networks, overpriced medicines and more tricks and traps than a Halloween funhouse.” But, no need to worry. “After the deductible is paid, which will be never, health care is free!”

    "Teach For America" Trojan Horse Among Ferguson Activists?

    by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    Teach For America has done vast and indisputable harm to black communities across the country, funded by hundreds of millions in deep corporate pockets and tens of millions of federal dollars. Could this be why the St. Louis TFA exec director was picked to meet the president, supposedly as one of the "young black activists"?

    It’s Not the Law, But Prosecutors, That Give Immunity to Killer Cops

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    Attorney General Eric Holder, like his local counterparts, claims that “the law” renders him helpless to prosecute killer cops. That’s bogus, says the ACLU, which maintains there is no insurmountable bar to charges of police “reckless disregard” and “open defiance” of victims’ constitutional rights. But, don’t expect Holder to budge. “Police impunity is the domestic counterpart of the legal immunity that U.S. military personnel enjoy overseas.”

    Freedom Rider: Don’t March with Sharpton

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    Al Sharpton is proud to serve as the U.S. president’s pit bull, and also doubles as a “leader” in the movement of the oppressed – the very definition of conflict of interest. Clearly, if he is to honor his pact with Power, he must betray the people, including those who rally to his banner in this weekend’s national march against police violence, in Washington.

    White House Refuses to Meet with Grieving Black Mothers Whose Son Were Executed by Cops

    by Bar Editor and Columnist Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo and Kevin Berends

    This week, the political leadership of the United States will have a chance to look into the eyes of “nine African-American women who have lost family, loved ones and sons to excessive police violence.” Sadly, neither President Obama nor Attorney General Holder has agreed to meet with the mothers, whose visit to the nation’s capital was organized by CODEPINK, the Hands Up Coalition DC and Mothers Against Police Brutality.

    Black lives matter…(Too much to pimp on the Trail of Tricks)

    by BAR poet-in-residence Raymond Nat Turner

    So, why’s the War House
    Hosting you, our brilliant Black,
    Brown, Tan babies?
    Why’s the War House serenading
    You with cognitive dissonant
    Doo-Wop ‘Mistrust,’ like
    A torch song of unrequited love?

    The Need for an Ethical and Political De-Colonization of Human Rights: A Reflection on International Human Rights Day

    by BAR editor and columnist Ajamu Baraka

    The ethos of Western-based “human-rights” groups rests “on a stratification of humanity” with European “civilization” at the apex. What the world needs is a people-centered human rights “based on the communitarian principles of social solidarity, cooperation, non-discrimination in all social relationships, collective public ownership of the earth’s resources, respect for difference” and self-determination and dignity of all peoples.

    Justice for Eric Garner? From the Justice Department? Don’t Hold Your Breath

    by Mark P. Fancher

    The U.S. Justice Department’s routine refusal to prosecute killer cops is based on an erroneous interpretation of the law. The feds claim that wrongful police homicides cannot be prosecuted unless the cops intended to violate the victim’s constitutional rights. But the federal courts have ruled that such conduct constitutes “‘open defiance’ or ‘reckless disregard’ for the constitutional rights of the victims.

    From Iguala to Ferguson, Resistance requires a Global Movement against US Imperialism

    by Danny Haiphong

    The kidnapping and mass murder of students in Mexico is also a crime of U.S. imperial policy toward its southern neighbors. “It is the task of a the revolutionary movement in the US and around the globe to connect the graveyard conditions imposed on Black America to the same imperialist system committing state-sponsored mass murder in Mexico.”

    Class, Race, Gender and U.S. Policing

    by Michelle Renee Matisons

    The policing ethos in America is caught in an “omni-crisis” – an intersection of oppressions. “In a seemingly psychotic paradox, this system has all its (military) equipment, but it persists in evoking its imagined white vulnerability in the face of darker people's also imagined predatory (and highly sexualized) prowess.”  

    We Must Look Back in Order to Move Forward

    by Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, III

    Racial murders often begin in the mind. “Too many police forces and officers view the African American citizens that they have sworn to ‘Protect and Serve’ as enemy combatants to be ‘Feared and Eliminated.’” The mindset of U.S. cops is conditioned by a national history of institutionalized racial oppression.

    Free Haiti: Impeach Martelly

    by Ezili Danto

    The clock is ticking for Haiti to cast off the U.S.-backed regime of Michel Martelly, who will soon rule by raw decree if he is not quickly impeached. Haiti’s senate has the “authority to indict, impeach and remove Martelly immediately to protect the population, avoid a bloodbath, reinforce democratic institutions, and assure some institutional continuity.”

    What Did Young Activists Gain From White House Meeting? What Did the President Get?

    By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    After sending an extra hundred FBI agents to Ferguson in the days just before the grand jury decision, the White House invited young activists opposing police murder and impunity to a Monday meeting with the president. Black Agenda Report spoke briefly with Mr. Phillip Agnew of Dream Defenders, asking what was gained or lost.
    NOTE: This article has been significantly amended since initial publication on Dec 3, including the insertion of several links, most notably one to Davey D's much longer interview with Phillip Agnew of the Dream Defenders at its very end, which was broadcast on KPFA-FM after our initial publication date.

    The New Movement: Are We There Yet?

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    A new movement is being born, but yet to be named. Unlike its historical predecessors, this struggle is primarily directed against the police, the armed, coercive organs of the state. Some degree of violence is inevitable. “In the final analysis, cities will almost certainly have to be rendered ungovernable before the State will accede to substantive people-power demands.”

    Freedom Rider: Ferguson’s Reckoning for Obama

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    Black folks should have only one thing to say to President Obama: “’Prosecute!’ Every time Eric Holder or Barack Obama or a high profile misleader turns up in public they must be met with this very simple demand.” The only thing standing in the way of civil rights charges against Darren Wilson is Obama, himself.

    …Come out the shadows and get Reich with some brew…

    by Raymond Nat Turner

    Reject cries for organization
    Dial down militant agitation
    Re-calibrate comments and remarks
    Empire’s prairie, your words are sparks…

    Ajamu Baraka: “Peoples in Resistance from Ferguson to Palestine: A Report Back” Dec 10-11

    by The Editors

    In an era when corporate news don't cover the existence of Palestinians as human beings, or the simple fat that Israel's apartheid regime continues to wage a genocidal war against them, nothing is more valuable than first hand reporting. Black Agenda Report's Ajamu Baraka is recently returned from a trip to Palestine, and will do his first 2 report backs Dec 10 in Atlanta GA and Dec 11 in Augusta GA.

    “Why are They Doing This to Me?”: Seattle Students Walkout on Ferguson Decision and Racism

    by Jesse Hagopian

    Ferguson is everywhere – including Seattle, where thousands of students took to the streets last week. “What is sweeping the nation—something the media cannot acknowledge without legitimizing challenges to their own supremacy—is a politicized populace of Black people, people of color, and their allies, with a goal of uprooting institutional racism.”

    The Lessons of Libya

    by Dan Glazebrook

    Led by Western self-interest, NATO embarked on a massive military intervention in Libya in 2011 that leaves many lessons for the Global South. Above all stands the lesson that Western military intervention cannot bring about the desired change, but rather creates failed states.

    Thanksgiving is the Expression of the Colonizer, Then and Now

    by Danny Haiphong

    What most Americans think they know about the historical “Thanksgiving” is a myth, yet the story is acted out on a global and domestic scale under contemporary U.S. imperialism. For example, in Syria, the U.S. invents and arms “moderate” rebels while bombing the ISIS kind. Domestically, “both the Obama Administration and the corporate media have divided Black American resistance between "civilized" peaceful protesters and "savage" looters.

    Will the Department of Justice Meet the Demands of the Movement?

    by the Real News Network

    Demonstrations of outrage in more than 100 US cities at unpunished police misconduct may be the beginning of a movement against the prison state itself. Established misleaders and the state, Glen Ford observes, try to divide and discredit this movement by labeling parts of it "violent" and "illegal". But these are shallow, hypocritical conventions which mainly serve established power, not the cause of change.

    Will the Department of Justice Meet the Demands of the Movement?

    by the Real News Network

    Ferguson: It is Right to Resist, By Any and All Means Necessary

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    Having failed to head off the beginnings of a Black mass movement, the Black Misleadership Class and the White House cite violence in Ferguson to discredit youthful activists. However, “any movement that defies police power and rejects the legitimacy of the state – including its prosecutors and grand juries – will inevitably commit acts that are deemed illegal and which are accompanied by some level of violence.”

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